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Monday, April 1, 2013

EncourageChange (paddoconnell) on Twitter

EncourageChange (paddoconnell) on Twitter:

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  1. Should judges should be obliged to make annual declarations of interests – such as property, gifts, land, and shares – in much the same way as TDs and Senators already do?

    Minister Shane Ross thinks so. Explaining the rationale for this proposal, the Minister cited a recent case of a High Court judge who stepped aside from hearing a long-running dispute involving the cement company CRH, after concerns were raised about his ownership of CRH shares.

    “How many cases are there out there where judges have had interests, haven’t actually thought of it as having a conflict of interest, where it’s there and it’s never emerged during the trial and they have given judgments on it,” he asked during a recent interview with RTÉ Radio’s Morning Irelandprogramme, on foot of a Sunday Times report.


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