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Friday, March 24, 2017

ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Interference with Prosecutions « Human Rights in Ireland

ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Interference with Prosecutions « Human Rights in Ireland

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  1. For example, in relation to the US leading the world in imprisonment, many issues have been the subject of investigative inquiry, including the disproportionate number of imprisoned poor people; long-term consequences, such as the making of a permanent underclass; the expected cycle of imprisonment from generation to generation; the decline in births among groups that are overrepresented in America's many jails and prisons; the school-to-prison pipeline; the connection between race and imprisonment; and the pay-to-play nature of the criminal justice system. But few of these matters are linked directly to the imperatives of economic expansion, monopoly capitalism, imperialism and the pursuit of super-profits. The net result is a lack of clarity.
    By telling my own story -- a story shared by the many working-class Detroit residents who were forcefully displaced through the brutal "redevelopment" of the city's Cass Corridor area -- I hope to shed some much-needed light on how the capitalist profit motives that drive gentrification are a core cause of mass incarceration in this country


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